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 Layfon Alseif

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PostSubject: Layfon Alseif   Mon Jun 08, 2009 2:47 pm

(by the way for all of you Narutowire users its Newman88 ^^)
Ex-Heavens Blade from Grendan, the highest honor in Grendan
Member of the 17th Platoon in Zuellni
Members of 17th Platoon:
Captain Nina Antalk
Layfon Alseif
Felli Loss
Sharnid Elipton
Harley Sutton
Dalshena Che Matelna
Dite: Blue Long Sword
Restoration 01
Regular Form:
Once i say "Restoration" it turns from a blue block into a sword that can use my kei easier, I use the Psyharden style of swordplay that is passed down from master to student and so on.
Restoration 02:
Blade becomes an Unlimited Amount of Golden Strings that can cut enemies a number of times if i want them too, i can use the strings to lift myself or my friends up to higher places or lower myself down into lower places
Restoration A-D:
Becomes a Large Black Sword that can use my Kei easier, however since it is bigger it can break easier than my normal form.
External Burst Type Kei
I can make wind come out of my hands and i can manipulate the air around me so that i can use it to attack enemies.
Internal Burst Type Kei
By using this i can increase my speed exponentially.

Layfon Wolfstein Alseif, the youngest person in the history of Grendan to become a Heavens Blade Wielder at the age of 10. Layfon's middle name is Wolfstein a name given to him from the Queen of Grendan, usually middle names such as Layfon's are given to those that have mastered a form of Military Arts or someone who has become a Heavens Blade, the highest honor in Grendan that only a few are strong enough to recieve. He has a Tremoundous amount of both Internal and External type Burst Kei, due to his training from a young age in the Psyharden style of Swordsmanship he is the inheritor of the Psyharden style however due to a certain event he refuses to use a Katana(the proper weapon of the Psyharden) and instead uses a Long Sword instead, where as the use of the Long Sword limits his abilities of the Psyharden style. When he left Grendan he decided to leave fighting behind and pursue a peaceful life away from all the fighting that he has known from a young age, however when he arrived in the Academy City of Zuellni seeing another getting hurt he decided to get involved and broke up the fight, after the Student Council President which is essentually the leader of Zuellni saw Layfon fight he transferred Layfon to the Military Arts Department in the 17th platoon under Captain Nina Antalk. Layfon is terrible at team matches as he tries to hold back his power to not make himself looks like he is showing off. Layfon still does not want to fight however due to circumstances he must, in order to protect what and who are important to him.
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Layfon Alseif
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