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 Kali Celeste

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PostSubject: Kali Celeste   Mon Jun 08, 2009 6:06 am

Kali from start to beginning

He was the only true demon emperor, the only one considered able to conquer and rule the entire universe and it's separate dimensions.Going by the name Oriax, he caused a great amount of pain and chaos, spilling the blood of anyone stupid enough to cross his path.He was said to have fallen in love with the werewolf Asena Celeste, a seriously mysterious character, and the Alpha Female of the werewolves, mate of Winterfang his biggest enemy.Leaving her pregnant at an unknown time, she bore him a daughter, an heiress with the same lust for chaos as him deep inside and her the name of Kali Celeste.

Kali was born soon after Oriax blew up an entire continent in his wish to purify the world, wish that also killed him physically.She was partially raised by her mother before Asena was killed by an unknown force.After that her growth was strictly supervised by the elder of her mothers hometown.

Till the age of 20 she was taught how to control her werewolf side, while her demon side was sealed till that particular age, and also the secrets of her werewolf blood heritage.
After reaching the age of 20 her demonic blood was unleashed allowing to keep her body the same way it was at the age of 20 for eternity.She was unable to grow older, but gained numerous other powers, thus completing her being and allowing her to set off in the search of live's meaning.

She felt pain, joy and even love, falling for an elven royalty by the name of Appolloin Aleanndealdth.She gave him a son by the name of Thanatos whom she raised till an early age.She was supposed to also give him a daughter but she lost the pregnancy while fighting Dimov, fact that almost caused her death as well.

After nearly dying she changed deep inside both spiritually evolving and physically evolving.She lost her trust in most and preferred not to interfere much.The experience also gave her the possibility of becoming an elemental mistress with the aid of her demonic side and the sacrifice of a second transformation.

She is almost always accompanied by the Syberfrostian white tiger called Onyx.Loyal and discreet and always aiding her, Onyx can also morph to a higher level.Their coming together was under unusual circumstances.

She is known for using elemental minions to gain information avoiding direct contact if unnecessary.Such minions are Rose and Luna (named by Strife; sand minions), the last of which was killed by kali's own hand.Her favorite weapon is a katana called Malice, which was born from the flames of the dragonian kind and which resides in her own fire/demon blood and can be summoned at any time.

She is hard to find but tends to appear when needed.

Kali Celeste

Kali wolf transformation

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Kali Celeste
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